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the awning material windproof performance commonly used are not ideal, stormy weather is dangerous. most of the awning cloth can not withstand winds, and organic glass is a brittle material, easy fragmentation, at present the most solid stainless steel awning exist rain noise is a big problem. a new stadium canopy by professional designers carefully designed, through the 519 weathering of raw materials and finished product testing, can long durable, rain to achieve self-cleaning, mute function, suitable for residential, villas, elevator apartments, osafe reliable. according to the current housing structure, no awning usually blowing rain did not open the window, a serious impact on indoor air quality and the owners living environment, the new awning products according to the present situation of research and development, to meet the conditions for the appearance of, also can ensure anti aging, yellowing resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, withstand the impact of the 12 strong typhoon, the life of up to more than 20 years.